Giambattista Valli gets practical, launches bag

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PARIS (AP) — With hints of last season's sleekness, it-designer Giambattista Valli delivered a layered collection for fall-winter 2013-14 that revisited his signature furbelows.

Sanitized-looking white coats with pockets, studs and zippers — and sometimes fur collars for warmth — looked functional and highly wearable.

The same could be said of the many black looks such as a coat, double-breasted sleeveless top and waistcoat with hanging sleeves.

Great metallic bows, splashes of on-trend vermilion, and some great orange-red flower prints on silk did add some excitement, but the collection shown in Paris on Monday remained relatively mute — in line with the season in general.

Backstage, Valli, who's known for his imaginative couture shows, reminded journalists that this is ready-to-wear week.

"The fantasy (style) is much more for haute couture," the Italian designer said. "Right now, it's growing up. They are practical kind of looks."

There's nothing more practical for a woman than a handbag.

Valli used this collection to launch his first one ever, the unsurprisingly titled "Valli bag" — a small, square-shaped accessory that hung off several of the models in croc and leather.

The press release heralded the bag as "iconic." It is sleek, but only in the fashion world can people call an object iconic that's been around only two minutes.


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