Style: Summer Jewelry Trends

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Columbus Monthly

We talked with Beth Cevasco, co-owner of Scott's Custom Jewelers, about upcoming jewelry trends and which pieces she's loving most.

Colored Gold

It's easy to see that gold is back. Cevasco said the biggest trend, in the bridal scene especially, is colored gold, like rose. "Rose gold is just beautiful on everybody. It looks pretty on every complexion," she said.


Pair that rose gold trend with a flower motif or a pink sapphire accent stone, and you're spot on for summer and fall style. "It's a very feminine look," she said. Women are gravitating to custom halos and everything delicate for their rings.

Unique Statement Pieces

Gone are the days when you'd purchase loads of mass-produced jewelry at a very low cost. "People are investing in one statement piece that's unique to them," she said.

"The Great Gatsby"

Layered bracelets, rings, long necklaces and pendants are in, and Cevasco is crediting the upcoming release of "The Great Gatsby," starring Leo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, with this trend. "It's kind of flirty and fun," she said. Wear that long necklace backward, à la Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars.

Au Naturale

More and more, Cevasco has seen women looking to small, natural gemstones to fill longer necklaces. She loves the longer pendants too, as long as they have that natural quality. "The look can be a little more delicate with natural stones," she said.

No More Early Adopters

Cevasco said jewelry trends used to hit the coasts and gradually weave their way inward. Social media has changed all that. Now, you can trend spot right from your computer. "You read about it and you're like 'Come on, come on. I want to do this,'" she said.

-Taylor Rogers, @rogerstaylorj

Photos courtesy of Beth Cevasco