My Five Fave Spring Trends: Holly Ritter

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Columbus fashion guest blogger Holly Ritter is the director of internal communications and special projects at Otterbein University; she blogs about style at Hey, Hollywood.

Every season I'm excited to see the new trends and work them into my wardrobe. But trying to stay on top of the latest trends can be expensive. That's why I think it's important to determine which trends fit your body best, so that you're spending money on duds you'll actually wear. Not every trend works on every body type. I also think it's smart to invest more in trends that last for more than one season or even more than one year. For example: Don't pack your closet with crop tops and neon (unless you plan to hang on to your clothes for 10 years and wait for these trends to come back around). Purchase one or two of those items to get your fix. Then move on.

What I'm loving about some of the styles this spring is that they are classic. They tend to show up over and over on the runway. This also means I already own pieces that reflect these trends, and my closets will only require minor renovations, which makes my wallet (and husband) happy.

Here are five style trends I'm embracing this spring ($50 and under-because I'm a firm believer in bargain shopping). Click on the trend names to see the looks I pulled together on Polyvore.


Why I love this trend: Stripes add visual interest to an outfit. Here are three tips to wearing stripes for your body, according to Huffington Post blogger Erin Flynn:

1. It's all about fit. If your clothes fit correctly, the pattern doesn't matter.

2. Match the pattern to your frame. Small frame = small pattern, and so on.

3. Use stripes to balance your proportion. Want a fuller bust with the plastic? Add a striped shirt. Want to enhance your booty? Throw on a striped pencil skirt.

Black & White

Why I love this trend: It's classic. The end. Well, that and black is slimming, and I have a tendency to enjoy food a little too much.

Feminine Floral

Why I love this trend: I love mixing floral patterns with structured pieces like a well-fitted blazer. It's the perfect balance of feminine and masculine.

Warm Weather Leather

Why I love this trend: Leather doesn't go out of style. Typically, I think of wearing leather in cooler months, but I plan to add a leather vest to my spring wardrobe for an updated twist on this classic fabric.

Lovely Lace

Why I love this trend: Texture, texture, texture! I love mixing textures like leather and lace. (Right, Stevie Nicks?!)