Goodwill's Prom Sale Starts Saturday

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Prom dresses meet thrift shop prices on April 6 at the Goodwill Columbus's Town and Country store. The shop, located at 52 Robinwood Ave. in Whitehall, will have more than 1,000 gently used gowns at thrifty price points from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

"Our sale provides girls in central Ohio with the opportunity to achieve that perfect look for what they earn at a part-time job," said Erica Charles, media marketing communications manager for Goodwill, in a release.

Goodwill will also have accessories to complete the prom-goers look. Proceeds from formalwear will go toward Goodwill programming, which provides work opportunities to those with disabilities and other barriers. Lindsey Turner, who runs the frugal fashion blog Thrift and Shout, will be hanging out at the store to help shoppers find that perfect dress. She gave us some quick tips for those planning to head to the sale:

Be skeptical.

"I think it's really important since they are second hand to really examine them well. If they have zippers, try the zipper. If it has beading, then they need to make sure the beading is intact. "

Be patient.

"A lot of people just kind of skim the rack and move on and look quickly, so you've got to be patient and look through everything. You will find something if you're patient."

Be aware of trends.

"I think it's helpful to know what's in style. Checking out blogs and magazines gives you a sense of what to look for when you go. If you know pastels are a trend, you can look for something pastel. " For a look at some 2013 prom trends, click here.

Be body conscious.

"If you wear the trends, also be aware of what looks good on your body. This is a big tip for finding the right dress… There are tons of clothes to look through. If you know what looks good on you-what colors, what styles-then that kind of narrows it down a little bit. "

-Taylor Rogers, @rogerstaylorj