Stefanie's Champions

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

On Wednesday, April 10, six people will be honored for their support to cancer survivors during the annual Stefanie's Champions luncheon. The event is in honor of the late Stefanie Spielman, and is celebrating its 14th year. It takes place at the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom in the Ohio Union, with the program beginning at noon. Here, we learn a little bit about each of the honorees:

Shannon Peterson: This year's 2013 Champion of Hope, Peterson has been strongly involved in raising cancer awareness as a personal friend of Stefanie Spielman.

James Caudill: Supported his then-girlfriend and now wife Bethany as she battled a rare form of cancer at the age of 23.

Josh Huffman: When his wife was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, Huffman helped her through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery while also caring for their three children under the age of 5.

Dennis McFadden: A colon cancer survivor who also served as a mentor to his friend Sherri Cooke as she underwent treatment for breast cancer.

Kathy Peugh: Peugh resigned from her job to care for her mother-in-law, who had primary peritoneal cancer. Peugh now also cares for her own mother, who has colon cancer.

David Zartman: Zartman is no stranger to cancer, as his wife, son-in-law and sister-in-law also suffered from forms of the disease.

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