In My Bag: Holly Ritter

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

(Cozumel, Mexico 2010)

Columbus fashion guest blogger Holly Ritter is the director of internal communications and special projects at Otterbein University; she blogs about style atHey, Hollywood.

I love traveling-road trips to Put-In-Bay with my lady friends, flights across the country, a long weekend on the beach, you name it, I'm in.

What I don't like about traveling is unpacking, so my goal is always to pack light, yet efficiently.

My family is headed to Myrtle Beach, SC in June, and here are 10 must-haves that I will be packing.

10 things in my bag:

1. Maxi dress (Target, $24.99 - option)

Why I love it: It's easy to throw on and go. It's comfortable and keeps me cool outside and warm inside when the air conditioning is on full blast, especially at restaurants!

2. Nude-colored sandals (Old Navy, $20 - option)

Why I love them: They go with everything! If you buy only one thing for your summer wardrobe {which would be impressive in itself}, it MUST be nude-colored sandals.

3. Light-weight scarf(Charming Charlie, gift - option)

Why I love it: It adds interest to any outfit, whether you wear it around your neck, your head or on your bag!

4. Sun hat (dollar store, gift - option)

Why I love it: It prevents wrinkles. Seriously, my face takes a beating in the sun and wearing a hat keeps my skin healthy.

5. Cute earrings (Forever 21, $4.80 - option)

Why I love them: They dress up a simple sundress effortlessly.

6. Aviators (Forever 21, $5.80 - similar)

Why I love them: They're classic and make me feel sexy. The end.

7. Bikini (Target, clearance - option)

Why I love it: The bandeau top means no visible tan lines when clothed.

8. Flip flops (Rainbow, gift - similar)

Why I love them: They go with everything. And this particular pair is so comfy! Flip flops are my go-to when running errands, on the beach or poolside.

9. Cover up (Target, clearance - option)

Why I love it: Meets the clothing requirement for going into shops and restaurants and bars after a day at the beach or by the pool.

10. A good book

Why I love it: Helps me relax and slow down to truly enjoy beautiful summer days.

Packing for vacation should be easy. Pick some key pieces, and don't think too hard.Like I said, my mission is to keep my summer packing list simple (and under the weight limit, if I'm flying).

So, what's in your bag?