Phillips House Jewelry at Saks Fifth Avenue

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Columbus Monthly

Meet jewelry designer Lisa Frankel this week at Saks Fifth Avenue Polaris. Frankel, 52, who co-designs the Phillips House line with her daughter Danielle, will be at the store during a trunk show on Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 25 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Shoppers can talk with Frankel and see the Phillips House Spring 2013 collection, which includes bracelets, necklaces and rings (pieces start at around $600).

We chatted with Frankel to learn more about her passion for jewelry and what you'll find at Saks. For more information about the trunk show, call 614-430-3500 ext. 220.

–Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley

How long have you been designing jewelry?

I have been designing jewelry since I was 15. The first pieces I designed were for family members and myself. About 30 years ago I started designing for friends as well. Phillips House launched about one year ago. We sort of re-launched out of our former company called Phillips Frankel, a full design house. Phillips House was an offshoot of that and it's our most important adventure that we have been involved in until now. The reception has been so amazing.

What will we find in your spring 2013 collection?

It is primarily the Affair collection and the Lenox collection. They are very different but both have flavor. Affair has gold and diamond pieces, with rounded, hammered edges and pavé stones. You can wear it to all sorts of affairs, no matter the occasion, and it's a stackable collection. Lenox changes from season to season. It's about color and introducing interesting stones. We try to experiment with different things in the Lenox collection. This spring we are doing amazonite and tsavorite-aqua blue with a green edge. We're also doing pink opal with orange sapphire as well.

What's your go-to piece of jewelry?

I wear a stack of Affair bracelets. I started off with one, and one day I had five samples sitting on my desk. I decided I like them all together. My go-to necklace is the infinity pendant. I wear it to the gym, to sleep, everywhere. It suits every wardrobe. And I usually change my earrings up.

It's time for a ladies night out. What clothing and accessories do you put together?

I think women should be dressed femininely, and a little bit demure and conservatively at the same time. One of my favorite designers is Victoria Beckham. She will have a slender dress but it goes to the knee. Stella McCartney is an amazing designer for the same reason. In terms of go-to jewelry, I love color but I also love navy blue. We have a pair of earrings that pick up misty blues and greens and grays. That would be a fabulous to wear in the evening, plus the six bangles on my wrist and a stack of rings to match.

Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue