Makeover Madness: Missy Gleason

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Our January issue is devoted to living well, with tons of helpful tips on being fit, happy and healthy. So we're featuring stories from real women-women who've gotten healthy and made themselves over in a magnificent way. Here is Missy Gleason's story.

Name: Missy Gleason

Age: 40

Residence: Galloway, Ohio

Gig: Media relations manager with OhioHealth

Family: Husband, a City of Hilliard police officer, and two boys, ages 10 and 5

Weight lost: Starting weight: 158; today's weight: 132

Inches lost: Total: 27.5; waist: 8 inches, hips: 6.5 inches

Motivation: We took a family trip to Disneyworld, and when we got back, my husband and I looked through our pictures and didn't like what we saw. With my husband being a police officer, he wanted to make sure he didn't gain any more weight and lose his speed and strength. For me, I had lost a significant amount of baby weight. (I was 245 pounds on both of my delivery days!) And I didn't want that scale to keep creeping back up.

Workout regime: My husband and I decided to tackle Shaun T's Insanity workout. Which now seems insane, but we did it. I went from basically sedentary to doing extreme cardio six days a week. Now, a year and a half later, we're starting Tony Horton's P90X3 workout in January, and we've completed Insanity twice, Les Mills Pump, Les Mills Combat and Focus T25.

Favorite one-hour workout: Les Mills Combat: Extreme Cardio Fighter

Diet: In general, I am a routine eater. I drink Shakeology (Beachbody's nutrition shake) for breakfast every morning and eat five times a day. I generally have meals and snacks that are made up of whole grains, protein and plenty of fruits and veggies. We've recently started researching clean eating and now get Green BEAN delivery to deliver local and/or organic produce to our door every week.

I do have treats and cheat days. I adhere to the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of the time, eat as healthy as possible and during the other 20 percent, I treat myself.

Favorite healthy snack: Almonds! I have them every morning for a mid-morning snack. Though I have to watch my portion size-those are easy to over-indulge in.

Greatest challenge: Giving myself permission to be imperfect. When I started working out, I had this idea that if I couldn't keep up with the people in the Insanity workouts, I might as well just give up. It took a friend telling me that if I even only did 20 minutes of the 35-minute workout, it was still more than I would have done sitting on the couch. I had to learn that modifying the moves is OK. Going slower is OK. As long as my body is moving and I'm challenged, I'm making progress.

The same goes for my eating. I'm an all-or-nothing girl, so if I let myself indulge, I often have to remind myself that one bad meal will not make me gain all of my weight back. The important thing is that I don't eat like that every day.

Most exciting success: Becoming a Team Beachbody coach and being able to help others get fit. It's awesome so see that light bulb turn on, and to help the people I coach realize that they CAN do this. They can get fit, have fun and love their healthy new life!

Best advice: Slow progress is still progress. Just because you may not hit your goals as fast as you thought you would, you're still getting there. Also, a bad meal won't make or break your diet. Just make your next meal better.

How your life has changed, in one sentence: I am happier, healthier, more confident, more thankful, more spiritual and a better wife, mother and friend now that I've realized I'm worth taking care of.