Property: A stately mansion in Dublin

Michelle Sullivan

There are homes that are so grandiose, so alluring or just so unbelievably big that passersby can't help but gape and wonder, "I wonder what that place looks like inside." The red-brick mansion at 6045 Saint Boswell Court in Dublin is one of those homes, and I toured it recently while searching for a listing to feature in our monthly property story in Columbus Monthly. We chose a different home for the March issue, but this 3-acre, Georgian-style estate listed at $1,995,000 was a close runner-up.

Completed in 1993, the 19,000-sqaure-foot house was designed after the estates in the historic neighborhood of Buckhead outside Atlanta. The home's compartmentalized design (each room is spacious but sectioned off from the others) is a node to Georgian style. Its hallways are narrow and its ceilings are high-the great room boasts a 40-foot ceiling with a sprawling half-moon window near the top. Stunning woodwork is present throughout; much of it is Brazilian cherry, but the den is encased entirely in black walnut. And artwork is embedded in its structure: The colorful, stained glass above the main staircase (crafted by a student at CCAD) and an image of the North Star in the foyer's marble floor (an exact replica of the one in CIA headquarters) are two notable pieces.

With seven bedrooms- including master, mother-in-law and guest suites-five fireplaces, and its own gym, sauna, wine cellar and indoor pool house, this is a home you don't come across every day. It's one of only six houses in Central Ohio that's larger than 10,000 square feet, says listing agent Kevin Sullivan. For anyone who loves wandering through big, beautiful homes, climbing spiraling staircase turrets and gawking at intricate, thoughtful details, it doesn't disappoint.