CCAD Designers Face Jury

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I'm not going to lie: While today is a gut-wrenchingly stressful day for CCAD's senior student designers, it's a ball for those of us on the other side. It's jury day for the CCAD Senior Fashion Show. This morning, we'll see 109 garments made by 24 designers, showcased on 55 models. And we'll look and touch and feel and praise and criticize. Then, based on those responses, clothing-which in many cases have taken weeks or months-will either be ruled in or out of the May show.

While you hate being hyper-critical of student work, the show has become one of the city's premier fashion events, and with VIP tickets selling for $300+, expectations are rightfully high. Thus, the jury narrows the pool to the best of the best. I've met with almost all of the senior designers and have seen sketches of many of these looks, as well as a slew of half-constructed pieces. I'm looking forward to seeing how everything panned out.

-Kristy Eckert, @kristyeckert