Relax, Rachel Zoe is not judging your outfit

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NEW YORK (AP) — If you happen to spot celebrity stylist and designer Rachel Zoe out and about, do not worry. She's not judging you.

The woman responsible for dressing the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Garner swears when she's "off the clock" so to speak, she's not a fashion cop.

"It's funny because I think what people don't understand is that I actually am not judging them and I don't usually notice what people are wearing," said Zoe in a recent interview.

She does, however, get polled by strangers "all the time" looking for a quick style assessment.

"I do get asked sort of, 'What do you think of this dress? Is this jacket OK? Wait, I'm so embarrassed I don't want to meet you right now because of what I'm wearing.' and I'm like, 'Don't be.' Style is the best form of self-expression."

Zoe may not be critiquing but she would like to help people live a more stylish life, in how they dress, entertain or decorate their home. She's compiled a book of tips, information and photos called "Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour" (Grand Central Publishing), which is now in stores.

More than anything, 42-year-old Zoe says she wants to inspire moms to put themselves higher on their to-do lists by taking "five, 10, 15 minutes, however much time you can allow" to "throw some lipstick on, put on a cute jacket, take off your sweatpants."

She is quick to clarify that she's not saying the average woman needs to be dressed to the nines or red carpet-ready to face the world each day.

"I'm not saying put on a cocktail dress to go pick up your kids — you know?"

Zoe is a mom to two sons, 3-year-old Skyler and Kaius, born in December.

She understands moms often don't feel they have the time or energy to primp or put thought into their clothing. "It's a very easy trap to fall into. Trust me, I understand it. I remember when I first had Skyler and I looked at (husband) Rodger and said, 'I totally get it now. I'm so tired I can't even imagine that I have to put on makeup and put clothes on right now.' It is a lot to think about because you do put yourself last."

By putting a little effort in, Zoe believes you'll feel better.

"It's not hard and it's not what you think it is. Don't be afraid of it and it doesn't take two hours. It takes five minutes. When you take that extra time you will feel better. You'll want to smile. You'll have more confidence...When you look better you feel better."




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