Spring Resolutions

Kristen Schmidt

Signs of renewal and reawakening have been popping up all over my world lately. How about yours?

A few weeks ago, in the throes of yet another slap delivered by Jack Frost, my sister breathlessly reported that hostas and daffodils in her yard were peeking out. Walking along High Street near the Chase building a few days ago, I looked up and smiled at fat buds punctuating tree branches, then remembered the bike shelters will also soon be fringed with greenery. On one freakishly "warm" weeknight in mid-March, the patios at La Fogata and Union were packed with jacket-free diners, absolutely beaming.

I'm craving asparagus, peas and fava beans. Actually any vegetable that isn't kale, a Brussels sprout or a squash. And I really don't want to see another banana or pear 'til this time next year.

Whether you are religious or spiritual or neither, it's a natural time of year to ponder rebirth and fresh beginnings. Come to think of it, wouldn't this be a more inspiring time than January for us to consider resolutions?

Maybe all of this is front of mind because, pardon my French, that was a seriously crappy winter we just survived. We've been cooped up, and not because it was cold "for Columbus," but because it was cold for humans. Our car engines have coughed, and so have we. Our pets have become unaccustomed to long walks and, yeah, so have we.

So, while spring fever in Columbus is typically celebrated with al fresco dining (see La Fogata, Union reference above) and a few renegade convertibles cruising the Short North, I predict an utter eruption of joy this month. Dust off the sunglasses and fedoras, kids. It's going to be the best spring in Columbus in a long time.

Lucky for you, we've packed the April issue of Columbus Monthly with ways to get out and about this month. Chris DeVille's profile of new Crew coach Gregg Berhaltermade me want to buy tickets and cheer like mad for the black and gold. Emily Thompson found pretty pastel accessories in local boutiques that'll have you shaking off those poor wool gloves in a heartbeat. Anthony Dominic steers you to three ways to help with Columbus' massive Earth Day volunteer effort. And, if the mood strikes you, we've even got some information on the city's niche-but-growing urban homesteading trend.

Dreading spring cleaning more than usual, as in get-me-out-of-this-house-for-good dreading? The real estate market is also waking up after winter hibernation. Our cover package points you to the city's diverse neighborhoods and introduces you to some of the people who have fallen in love with them.

It is finally time to throw open the windows and breathe spring air again. We hope you'll take things a few steps further and throw open an adventure in the city. You'll be in excellent company.

Wish List

1. I'll knock a big item off my bucket list this month when I-and 18,000 of my closest friends-see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on April 15 at Nationwide Arena.

2. Spring strikes me as the perfect time to eat risotto. Some of the best I've had in Columbus is at Alana's and Rigsby's Kitchen (which I review this month on page 114). Where do you go for your risotto fix?

3. I've developed a fixation with tiny Nalgene bottles designed for travel in a liquids-restricted age (I find them at The Container Store). How long a trip can I take without checking luggage? These bottles help me stretch my personal record.