About Face: Our Favorite Exfoliator

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Not going to lie: I wasn't sure how legit a skincare line by model Miranda Kerr would be. And I don't generally enjoy trying products on my face, because that's done me wrong more than once. But given Kerr's mission-to create high-quality, nourishing, hydrating organic products that she sought but couldn't find-I was intrigued. Plus, the packaging is chic, the price points are high enough that they've obviously put something decent inside, and (I probably should have written this first) I'm a sucker for a good exfoliator.

After spending a month testing, I will now issue a formal apology: Miranda, I am sorry I doubted you. Because this stuff is stellar. My obsession? The exfoliating cream. Made with organically grown oat flour, bamboo and essential oils, it's a gentle but effective facial buffer. I've used it two or three times weekly, and on the days I resist, I miss it. It's meant for face and body, but I think it's a bit too gentle to be as effective on the body. And given the price-$58-I'd rather reserve it as a treat for my face alone. And a treat it is. You'll find it at

-Kristy Eckert, @kristyeckert