Custom Eyewear at B. Tuckerman

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Want to look like a celebrity? You can, if you head to B. Tuckerman Unique Eyewear this spring. Owner Barbi Tuckerman is one of only two retailers in the United States to carry custom frames made by Kerin Rose Weinberg, Lady Gaga's personal stylist. "When you're looking at Vogue or Bazaar or any of the top magazines and you see women on the runway wearing sunglasses," says Tuckerman, "typically Weinberg is the one who makes them." The frames, which begin at $600, are typically for show and don't have a prescription. Tuckerman has a catalogue that people can browse, and color and design can be customized. Tuckerman notes that the sunglasses are a fun accessory to add to wedding bling. "I think how many brides get married outside in the summer and are wearing something ugly on their face instead of something pretty," she says. "I wanted a special piece for a friend whose daughter was getting married in Mexico. Weinberg made a pair of sunglasses that looked the top of an old fashioned porcelain perfume bottle. I love that she has collaborated with me." To learn more about the collection or about B. Tuckerman Unique Eyewear, visit –Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley