Artist Robert Livsey Wells at Muse Gallery

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Robert Livsey Wells' greatest muse is music. In fact, classical music is the model for nearly every work in the octogenarian's oil painting oeuvre. An oboe's mysterious serenade turns into a forest of greens, reds and blues through Wells' discerning ear. A nocturne's wistful mood transforms into an evocative dark dreamscape. His technique has earned one of his paintings, "Red Moon," a place in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts' permanent collection. "When I look at Robert's work, I feel pure joy," says Muse Gallery owner Caren Petersen. "Just simple pleasure in the beauty of life. The color, brushwork, detail and composition all remind me of the most basic forms of nature and movement." Muse will display around 14 of the artist's synesthesia-like interpretations through June 7.