Re-Useful Advice

Jenny Rogers

Kate Wannemacher, owner of Wannemacher Interiors, has a goal to showcase each client's personality. She often does so by reusing items they already own. "This makes the difference between a decorated house and a stylish house," she says. "It's about more than just finding nice furniture." Successfully decorating with what you already own comes down to seeing your decor, furniture and artwork in a new light. "I have a hard time viewing things differently if they've been there for a long time; it can be hard to see the potential," Wannemacher says. She suggests first removing everything from a room to get a fresh perspective on the space. It also helps to get an expert's opinion. One client had a vintage secretary they were "a bit nonchalant about." Wannemacher showed them where it could fit in another room. Another client had vintage chairs they considered ugly, so Wannemacher suggested recovering them. "All of a sudden, no one can stop talking about these chairs," she says. "They just needed to look at them in a different way."