Metallics, satin, lots of trenches at Richard Chai

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

NEW YORK (AP) — Richard Chai likely envisions a lot of rainy, windy days for Spring 2015 — so he's sending bright colors, metallics and lots of bold, shiny trench coats into those wet and blustery streets.

A highlight of Chai's Love collection for women, presented Thursday at New York Fashion Week along with his men's collection, was a shiny trench in a brilliant kelly green color, accompanied by a lavender slip dress with a ruffly "scarf hem."

It was Chai's brightest piece, but there were other strong colors: electric blue in a patchwork pleated dress, and acid yellow, in a short flared coat paired with a white dress and black biker shorts underneath.

For men, Chai favored sleeveless garments, often boldly striped, that showed off muscled, tattooed arms. But there were big trenches for men, too, sometimes paired with shorts, and chunky sneaker boots (those boots were produced with Timberland, and women's footwear with Dr. Martens).

For both men and women, lots of outfits had extra garments tied around the waist, for a casual, on-the-fly look — but maybe also in case of a sudden spring shower or gust of nasty wind.