Varied looks at Burch artist-inspired collection

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

NEW YORK (AP) — There were sequins, there were fringes, and there were, of course, purses. Tory Burch's spring collection was an eclectic mix of bold patterns and looks that could morph from a day wedding to a cocktail party to the red carpet.

Burch said her collection, which she showed Tuesday at Lincoln Center, was inspired by French artist Francoise Gilot, whose paramour was none other than Pablo Picasso. But it also appeared African-inspired, with intricate designs, multicolored necklaces and colors s reminiscent of those sported by the Masai Kenyan tribe.

Among the key looks: A shirt minidress with color blocks of red, black, blue and orange; cream pants with dark tree prints with a dark-blue solid waist stripe; black-and-white patterned cotton shorts with a fringe; an ankle-long taupe dress accented by metallic designs; and pants with blue, black and cream vertical stripes and tuxedo-like black stripes running down the side. The fabrics were varied too, from knits and cottons to canvas and linens.

Burch is known as much for her purses as her clothes, if not more, and they ranged from multicolored shoulder and crossbody bags to bucket bags.