Jenny Packham serves up Marilyn Monroe in sparkles

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Columbus Monthly

NEW YORK (AP) — Jenny Packham served up Marilyn Monroe on a celebratory platter Tuesday in sparkling showstoppers of blue, silver and red.

The British powerhouse designer is known for dressing the Duchess of Cambridge, Nicole Richie and most recently Anna Gunn for the Emmys. For red carpet, she was true to her signature shimmer in silhouettes Marilyn would have appreciated.

Packham even wrote a "Dear Marilyn" letter she included in her show notes:

"I've read the book and listened to the recordings, visited your bungalow at the Beverly Hills and sat in your chair at the Max Factor building where you became a blonde, all the while challenging why you are still so relevant in this brave new world," it read in part. "For me, it's that smile that makes you ever relevant and time enduring."

Along with body-skimming gowns expertly embellished to glisten under lights, Packham used a playful baby pink for day looks. She went to hot pink for a slinky off-the-shoulder dress one can picture Monroe wearing with big black sunglasses.

This being a New York Fashion Week for spring collections, Packham used a burst of white and yellow flowers on a grand ball gown and a maxi dress with half sleeves and a high center slit.

Packham said in a backstage interview that Monroe's "technicolor imagery is endless." She went with obvious references and is proud of them.

"I started noticing that I see her every day in some shape or form," she said, "and how amazing that actually is."


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