Marc Jacobs ends NY Fashion Week with a pink house

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

NEW YORK (AP) — With a Barbie-pink house and matching plush carpeting set up in an armory, Marc Jacobs closed New York Fashion Week on Thursday with models in military outfits and a computerized voice piped through Beats by Dr. Dre at every seat that spoke of a slower, quieter life.

And Jacobs threw in some blinged-out wooden slides (remember Dr. Scholl's Exercise Sandals?) and a few shiny short dresses with conveniently large pockets apropos of, well, who really knows since he's Marc Jacobs and he can do what he wants and didn't explain himself in his notes.

Instructed to don our Beats, our monotone guide offered a bit of history about the Park Avenue Armory itself, issued instructions to ladies unknown to step inside the bright pink house and longingly described the relaxed nature of life in a slightly upstate Cold Spring.

After eight days of rush-rush fashion week, where more than 100 designers introduced spring and summer collections, Jacobs treated us at the end to the soothing strains of tweeting birds.

On his runway, where Kendall Jenner was among his walkers, Jacobs started with military suits in cropped pants and short dresses of olive green, khaki and marine blue. He moved through to slouchy pants, dresses and jumpsuits bejeweled with large ovals in softer tons that included cream, brown and jewel-tone blue.

The ovals were also used all over some wispy, long sleeve, short-collar dresses.

A few heavier dresses could be snatched straight out of the store in forgiving shapes that were belted in olive and a green-blue. So could some long-collar dresses still military inspired that were widely pleated in light gray and taupe.


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