Honey Rose & K Celebrates FW14 Collections with A Special Discount

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Local eco-friendly jewelry brand Honey Rose & K just launched its Fall/Winter 2014 collection and is offering Capital Style readers a discount to celebrate.

Head on over to and browse around. The FW14 items are divided into five different lines, including the popular Oh Deer collection, the Luxe collection, Bites, Sticks & Stones and Every Day.

Find something you like? (Of course you did.) Enter code "Capital Style" when you check out to get 15 percent off your purchase. Items are priced as low as $18 and run all the way up to $124.

Top of our list? The Bites collection, which is crafted with black sharks teeth. Each item in this line is one-of-a-kind, so get yours while you still can.

We talked with Meredith Piccin, who owns Honey Rose & K, about what's new this season, her favorite line and the piece that took the longest to make.

And make sure you snag the next issues of People StyleWatch and O-both will feature Honey Rose & K items. Way to make Columbus proud, Honey Rose & K!

-Taylor Starek, @taylorstarek

What were the overall themes and inspirations for these collections?

The Luxe collection is higher end. We're using a lot of vintage rhinestones mixed with vintage chains and modern chains. It's a heavier collection going into holiday, and then we sourced some really cool horns for the collection so we have white, we have clear and opalescent horns and we have black. It's just supposed to feel more luxurious but still have a bohemian vibe to it.

Our next is our Oh Deer collection, which is a constant for us. This fall and winter we changed it up. It's polished antler tips, so they're really shiny. We put them with emerald stones, and we have tiny claws coming off some of the necklaces. We did black and brown leather wraps with the collection. We have about 10 different styles to choose from.

For the Sticks and Stones collection, it's stones and wood, and it's a more organic feel. It's back to vintage elements. It's natural wood mixed with lots of pretty green stones.

Then we have the Every Day collection, which feels like the Honey Rose & K that we've always done. We used a lot of amber tones and gold and silver claws in the collection. It all feels like one brand. The Every Day is a little bit of a lower price point. It's supposed to take you from every day to what you would wear to work all the way into evening. You can wear it casually but you can also dress it up.

For Bites, we found some black shark teeth. Once it sells, it's gone. Each one is one of a kind. In the past, everything was one of a kind, but we were working on these collections for three or four months so we could source pieces and offer quantities.

Where can shoppers find Honey Rose & K?

We have over a dozen locations across the U.S. and we are online with Nylon and our store. Country Habit carries us online and Adelé carries us online. We'll probably get into five or six more stores this fall or winter as well. We're growing slowly, but at a rate that is comfortable for us.

Where do you find your materials-things like antler tips and black sharks teeth?

We source them. I really wanted to do a shark tooth collection and an organic wood collection, so we'll spend a lot of time finding people who carry them. The interesting thing about these shark teeth is drilling into a shark tooth is like drilling into tile. You have to soak them over night. Then as you're drilling, you have to slowly add water to them. It was very hard. It was harder than I anticipated, but they turned out really cool. They're something cool to do again in the summer. That's something we'll work on. We source those like anyone else.

For our vintage materials, we go all over the country to find those. Ohio has a lot of flea markets. There's this warehouse in New York with deadstock vintage pieces, and you just spend the entire day going through it. I'll look in Ohio, I'll go to Michigan. I'll find flea markets there. Wherever we are we're looking for materials.

Favorite vintage find?

I'm always super excited to find the vintage rhinestone pieces. If you buy a necklace that has rhinestone in it today, it's probably made in China, and you can't get the weight today that you get in those vintage pieces. Finding the right rhinestone pieces is always super important to us-just the way they sparkle and the weight. We always get super excited when we find a bohemian belt we can use.

What took the longest to make?

For sure the triple leather wrap Oh Deer bracelets. We hand cut all of that fringe to get it on there. You have to make sure you're not shaking. They've been really popular, and we're pretty proud of those. And the shark teeth. It took me two weeks just to get through ten shark teeth. I broke a lot along the way. It was our first time, and it's different than drilling through an antler tip. I didn't realize how easy it would be to break them.

Favorite FW14 collection?

I would have to say the Luxe Collection. It's a collection we did in the past, and the pieces were available at Rowe. We had such a good response when we did it two years ago that we wanted to bring it back. It was hard to find those small horns, but we did it, and I just get really excited about holiday and sparkle and the pieces getting heavier and doing more layers. We do more delicate for spring and summer, so it's fun to get into doing the heavier chains.

Photos courtesy of Honey Rose & K