Franklin Art Glass Creates Colorful Home Accents with Stained Glass

Tristan Eden

"Stained glass is a lot like any other decorative item," says Andrea Reid, vice president of Franklin Art Glass, located in German Village. A far cry from old-world religious pieces, today's stained glass can take many forms-and Franklin Art Glass is the place to imagine it. The shop, which was started in 1924 by Reid's great-grandfather, features more than 1,900 colors and varieties of glass and specializes in total customization. "It can almost be overwhelming," Reid says. "Probably half of our clients come in with something in mind, something that gives them a starting point. The other half come in and say, 'I have no idea what I want, but I know I want something.'" Reid says color is stained glass's greatest appeal-and urges customers to embrace it. "The clear glass pieces are obviously beautiful, but there's nothing like a really brightly colored stained-glass window," she says. "There's no real substitution." And whether it's a massive project or just a couple cabinet inlays, stained glass can make a big impact in the home. "We call it a living art, as it depends so much on the lighting," Reid adds. "A panel can look one way at 7 a.m., and then it can look different in the afternoon. You get a little glow, and then as the day goes on it may spray prisms onto the floor and, sometimes, the reds will be more intense or less intense."