Refresh a Room with a Colorful K.A. Menendian Rug

Jenny Rogers

The beauty of a beautiful rug is it offers immediate color gratification. "Bring a rug into a space, and [the space has] been changed," says Megan Hirsch, sales manager at K.A. Menendian Rug Gallery in Grandview. "Everything else can stay the same, and a rug will still make a huge difference." Walking into the Fifth Avenue shop offers a colorful feast for the eyes: Rugs in various sizes, price points and countries of origin (including Nepal, Pakistan and India) are stacked high and hanging from the ceiling. Deep navy with looping scarlet patterns, bold orange with a turquoise fleur-de-lis, gold-and-blue ikat ... everywhere you look, a new design, a new hue. K.A. Menendian is known for keeping on top of trends, often before they've reached Central Ohio. Take their super-soft, bold-hued Moroccan rugs, now all the rage, for example. They featured their first Moroccan sample nearly four years ago. "Sometimes you end up ahead of the trends. That's part of the fun of this business," Hirsch says. The benefit of shopping here, co-owner Chad Martin says, is you can sample rugs in your home before making a commitment. "If you really want to add color to your home but are hesitant to do it, see the rugs in your own space, your own lighting," he says. The team at K.A. Menendian, naturally, is all for more color in the home. "Neutral has its place," Martin says. "But color is what makes a space unique."