Janet Feheley's Ladylike Midi Skirts Make Their Way to Ladybird

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Here at Capital Style, we're all aboard the midi-skirt train.

And the woman conducting our locomotive? It's Janet Feheley, the designer behind the local label Pansy Thatcher (named for Feheley's grandmother).

Feheley has pieced together a small collection of midis, which we feature in our Nov/Dec issue's fabulous 100-item gift guide, for Short North boutique Ladybird. These timeless A-line skirts, made of fabrics that pop, start at $248-and yes, they have pockets. Fall in love with one that doesn't fit? No worries. Feheley is offering custom fittings. Can't find a fabric you like? She'll work with you to track down one that works.

We talked with Feheley about her love for the midi and her favorite way to see it styled.

-Taylor Starek, @taylorstarek

What inspired this line?

When I'm doing my own designs and collections, I like [fabrics] to have a twist that makes me smile. I love texture. I guess I'm somewhat inspired by fabrics... I always go back to home dec fabrics because they're so interesting. I think some of the patterns that you find in the home decorating area are so different than what you would find in a retail fabric store.

Why midi skirts?

The midi came to me because I wanted to do crop tops. I felt like you shouldn't be showing that much skin. So even through the crop top could only be showing an inch, I felt like I should bring the skirt down. It makes it much more ladylike, and not everybody in the world has great legs. This skirt just speaks to everybody. And I feel like I'm always trying to think of cost, so with the midi, you can strap on a white crisp cotton shirt and go to work in flats or boots, and then you can unbutton a couple buttons, tie [the shirt] around your waist, put on a pair of heels, and you're ready to go out. It serves as both things. You can get so much wear out of it. And every woman is a sucker for a pocket.

What's your favorite way to see the midi styled?

I love a matching crop top with the midi. It's so ladylike and adorable. I love a turtleneck for winter with it.