Want Dinner Party Perfection? Here's Your Secret Weapon

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Columbus Monthly

I met this week with the uber-talented duo behind boutique catering company Bleu & Fig, which means that I left inspired.

Regina Prange and Brooke Kinsey are, put simply, phenomenal. They're passionate, personable and perfectionists-and their parties come across as such.

They produce weddings and bigger events, sure, but actually specialize in intimate dinner parties, working with individual hostesses to get a good feel for the desired vibe, and then doing everything from the food to the decor to the set-up and tear-down, so hostesses can simply relax and enjoy. (If you haven't been to one, check out this Bollywood-themed dinner party they threw.)

And more is coming: The duo is opening a fittingly intimate event space at 4622 N. High St. in Clintonville for parties of 25 to 50. Set to open at the beginning of 2015, the space is perfect, they say, for wedding showers, baby showers or other such gatherings that could be in a home but might be more convenient to host elsewhere.

They're also putting the finishing touches on a boutique menu, meant for local shops who host open houses or other such events and need something more than cheese and wine but less than dinner-- and something that feels decidedly shop-appropriate. (Were you at Thread's flagship opening? If so, you most definitely ogled the food spread, which was stunning looking and delicious tasting. And fitting, because everything could be eaten on small plates without silverware or mess. That was Bleu & Fig.)

Meanwhile, it is holiday party season, and if you're looking to wow at home (while also enjoying your own soiree), book 'em now before they're filled. Some of the fun they can bring: interactive cooking (quick crab cake cooking demos are a popular request, as is bruleeing creme brûlée) and champagne tastings. They can also talk you through the feel you want and how to achieve it, whether yours is a signature cocktail, small bites type of party of 40 or a an elegant, sit-down dinner for 10 with a service staff delivering your every wine pour.

In the end, their goal is to help you wow.

"I want them to just be really proud of the party," Kinsey says. "The call at the end of the day that somebody's really blown away matters so much to us."

I've not been to a Bleu & Fig event when people haven't been blown away. Are they the best caterers in Columbus? My vote is yes.

And don't leave the zucchini cakes off your menu.

You'll find rates and more info at

-Kristy Eckert, @kristyeckert