Best Shops in Columbus: Fritzy Jacobs in Worthington

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Jennifer Lewis, 38, and Tricia Steele, 39, have known each other since birth: Their mothers were college roommates at Ohio State. Twelve years ago, the friends-who each have two children (and yes, the kids' marriages have already been arranged)-opened Fritzy Jacobs in Worthington, providing a space for customers to find gifts, jewelry, baby items and one-of-a-kind products for the home. As for the name Fritzy Jacobs? "My grandma had Alzheimer's, and all of a sudden she started talking about Fritzy Jacobs," Lewis says. "We had no idea who it was, but it turns out he was a childhood friend. We thought the name was fun and whimsical, and it stuck."

635 High St., Worthington; 614-885-8283;

How would you describe the shop's vibe?

Lewis: It's colorful and fun. Customers will tell me that when they need a pick-me-up, this is where they come to feel better.

Steele: We hear that especially in the winter, because it is bright.

What's your favorite thing from the shop?

Lewis: My Company C rugs.

Steele: My Obrien Schridde frames. They are handmade in California.

What other local stores do you admire?

Lewis: SoBo Style and Nicole's for Children in Powell. House Wine-we go there a lot. And Wren House and Igloo Letterpress.

Steele: Peabody Papers in Grandview.

What are you doing when you're not here?

Lewis: We're with our kids. We try to visit a new park once a week.

Steele: We like to go to the zoo. And us girls, we like to try new restaurants. Our favorite is Aab-it's Indian food.

Lewis: We have a great girls group where we live in Worthington Hills.

Ultimate Saturday in Columbus?

Steele: Going to the Farmers Market, then taking a picnic to Highbanks. I'd have dinner at 101 Beer Kitchen.

Lewis: Start with the Farmers Market in Worthington, then head to lunch at Brown Bag Deli. I'd take it to Schiller Park to eat. I'd spend the afternoon at the zoo with my kids. Then I would get our closest couple friends together and have dinner without the kids at La Fogata in the Short North.

Best business tip you can offer?

Lewis: Do it because you love it, not for the money.

Steele: That's why we did it: We wanted to be our own boss.

Funniest thing a customer ever said to you?

Steele: "Do you make everything in here?"

Lewis: We hear martial problems, female problems…everything.

Personal mission statement?

Steele: Love what you do, do what you love.

Lewis: Treat others the way you want to be treated.