Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Gifts for Guys Who Love Gadgets

Kristen Schmidt

We all seem to have one in our lives-the man who can't get his hands on the latest tech gadget soon enough. You can't keep up with his hobby, so this holiday season, appeal to the side of him that loves science and good design.

Apple "THINK" logo T-shirt ($32)


Short of going "full Jobs" and wearing a mock turtle- neck, jeans and wire-rimmed glasses, this super-soft T is the ultimate secret handshake for techies.

Pourover coffee kettle ($65) and V-60 dripper ($26)

One Line Coffee

If your fella is into simple, intuitive gadgets, he's going to love pour-over coffee. Making the perfect cuppa feels Zen with the pour-over method, about which coffee nerds wax poetic all over the Internet.

Wool Explorer Satchel ($150)

Robert Mason Co.

this sturdy but soft satchel with a gorgeous worn leather strap can hold all the gadgets a person could need for a day-tablet, phone, camera and accessories-stylishly and with a little room to spare.

Cuisine R-Evolution Molecular Gastronomy kit ($59)

Wexner Center Store

With packets of xanthan gum and sodium alginate and equipment like a syringe and plastic tubing, this molecular gastronomy kit turns cooking into a chemistry experiment. Learn the tricks to spherification and making "caviar" that has nothing to do with fish eggs.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge ($15)

Sur La Table

Upgrade his definition of whiskey perfection with this clever silicone mold that creates a perfect wedge of ice in the accompanying square rocks glass. Looks cool, melts slowly.

Victorinox Travel Power Strip ($30) and GeniusPack portable mobile charger ($30)

Urban Baggerie

These accessories solve two major travel pet peeves of gadget lovers: too few hotel outlets and unexpected outlet-free delays. The power strip has room for three plugs and a USB connection, and the portable charger gives your phone or tablet a fresh life on the go.