We Love Some Latte Art

Emily Thompson
Boston Stoker

Just as craft cocktails and beer have been on the rise the past few years, so has specialty coffee. "The nation is drinking better coffee," says Cafe Brioso director of operations John Justice. More time and care is going into specialty coffee drinks, right down to the presentation. "[Latte] art floats the coffee taste to the top of the cup," says Robin Myers of Brioso. "It balances coffee and foam so it doesn't cover the coffee with foam." Here's a look at just a few of the local baristas pouring your lattes with love.

Boston Stoker

Barista: Erik Fenstermacher

Design: Heart

Style: "I'm not very experimental. But my designs are a little more complex with more layers."

Recommendation: Cappuccino. "It's just spot on. We have a heavier espresso blend."

Fox in the Snow Cafe

Barista: Jack Morgan

Design: Rosetta with a heart

Style: "Very clean, with a lot of contrast and relief. I pour faster than some others because it was very fast-paced when I worked in New York."

Recommendation: Latte or macchiato

1031 N. Fourth St., Italian Village

Cafe Brioso

Barista: Robin Myers

Design: Tulip

Style: "I'm somewhat of a chameleon. I like to replicate other people's styles. I follow people on Instagram and look at what other baristas are doing."

Recommendation: Cortado (an espresso shot with warm milk)

One Line Coffee

Barista: Mick Evans

Design: Tulip

Style: "Some people prefer to pour elaborate designs, but I like to keep it clean and simple."

Recommendation: Cappuccino. "It's the ultimate balance of espresso and milk."