New Jewelry Line 11 Twenty Eight Mixes Hippy Elements with Edgy Designs

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Columbus Monthly

Mary Fenske wasn't expecting much when she put a few of her necklaces for sale on her Etsy site in May.

But the three pieces, made with druzy quartz stones, sold within just a few hours.

"I thought, 'This could be something'," she says. "It came by surprise. I've been making it pretty much every day since May."

Fenske, 26 and a realtor for Keller Williams, creates her line of accessories, called 11 Twenty Eight, out of her home in Victorian Village. The edgy, bohemian pieces are priced between $29 and $75 and are sold only on her Etsy site. (She's hoping to change that soon.)

We chatted with her about her favorite pieces, inspiration and what's next for the brand.

-Taylor Starek, @taylorstarek

What's the feel of 11 Twenty Eight?

I think it's for women who kind of have an eclectic edge. Al of the pieces are very colorful, big, bold. They definitely make a statement. I also try to make pieces that are for more of the simplistic, minimalist style. So something for everyone. I buy the semi-precious quartz, crystal, geodes, arrowheads-I even started buying tusks that are handmade mosaic tusks. It's kind of like a bohemian style with a hippy twist.

Some things that inspire you?

I get inspiration form local bloggers. I follow so many bloggers on Instagram. I get ideas from what they're wearing. And from boutiques around the country-what they're making.

Any favorite pieces?

I like the simple tassels. I put a druzy stone and a simple tassel on it. That goes with any outfit-it's so versatile.

Goals for 2015?

In the New Year I hope to have at least a few pieces for [boutiques] to showcase. And I guess starting to get ideas for a spring line. For winter, people stay with the neutral colors. So right now I'm focused on that. So hopefully planning on a spring line with more color.

Photos courtesyMary Fenske