Meet Our January Issue Cover Girl: Amy Crandall

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Our January/February issue is on its way to newsstands and subscribers. And to get you ready, let us introduce you to our cover girl, Amy, who looks perfectly at home in our spread featuring the season's chicest (and coziest) elevated loungewear. Stay tuned to see those looks online, and find a copy of your ownhere.

Name: Amy Crandall

Age: 30

How I stay fit: I love to lift weights, jump rope and practice Pilates and yoga. Most importantly, I am foam rolling and stretching almost daily. I definitely like to be pushed to see what I'm made of-I've realized it's the only time you'll experience real physical changes. Being fit to me is more than just exercise; it's feeding your body with nutrient-rich foods, hydrating like it's your job, sleeping like a baby and staying positive mentally. You have to be nice to yourself, and you must be CONSISTENT! Consistency will create habits and then suddenly you don't have to mentally battle over making the right choices because they just become auto pilot.

Favorite healthy meal: My Veggie Quinoa Concoction! Purple cabbage, broccoli, jalapeño, zucchini, onion, mushroom and almonds sautéed in coconut oil, then thrown on top of red quinoa, topped with avocado and splashed with rice vinegar. (You can add meat if you'd like.)

Personal style:90 percent of the time I am in fitness gear, but my personal style is definitely bohemian. I love to flow around in gorgeous comfort!

Favorite item in my closet:My Free People Trekker Poncho, which I call my 'Love Poncho.' My girlfriends all chipped in and surprised me with it after my amazing grandpa passed away, so whenever I am missing him, I can throw it on for a hug. It's so plush and cozy and means the world to me!

Go-to shops in the city: I've been loving Boho 72 and Objects for the Home. Bohindi is a creative wonderland. The new Thread flagship store is so on point, and South of Lane has a fantastic environment, the food is amazing and they have awesome little trinkets on display so you can shop while you eat!

Tip for taking a flattering photo:My very first photography mentor taught me this years ago: Extend your neck, reach your face toward the camera and slightly lower your chin. She called it the 'Frog.' It will elongate your neck, drop your shoulders into proper posture and showcase your face.