Get-Fit Tips from LA Fitness Trainer Seth Benfield

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Seth Benfield loves to work out-so much so that he's turned his passion, which began in his home gym, into a career at LA Fitness on E. Broad St. in Columbus, where he works as a master trainer. Read more tips from area fitness pros in our January/February issue.


I was a freshmanat a high school in Lima, Ohio,when I initially became interested in fitness. I got a gym membership, and I found I loved the atmosphere because it was fun and motivating to me. Going to the gym became something I not only enjoyed doing but loved doing every day. I quickly began to see I could have a future in fitness. My dad always says,"Do something you love. Everymorning when you wake upto get ready for work, it won't seem like work because you have a passion for it." When I graduatedhigh school,I moved to Columbusand earned adegree in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Columbus State Community College. I also received a personal training certification through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA).Iam a pro resultsmaster trainer atLA Fitness on E. Broad Street, which recently opened.When I come into LA Fitness, I come in with a smile because I enjoy working with my clients. They come in to work and are ready to do what it takes to reach their goals, whether it's weight loss, toning up, gaining muscle or regaining physical strength lost through an injury, accident or surgery.

3 tips for healthy living:

  • Take part in a physical activity at least threetimes a week. That activity can include a group exercise class, a game of racquetball, lifting weights or walking-all things I enjoy doing at LA fitness.
  • Eat healthy on a daily basis. You can't go to the gym and expect to see significant results if you're not eating right.
  • Make workingouta part of your lifestyle and notjust a New Year's resolution.

Your personal training routine:

This changesoften for me, but right now I'm really into circuit training.Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensityexercises to keepthe heart rate upwhilebuilding strength andmuscular endurance.My pro results clients are big fans of this workout technique as well.A "circuit"willtypically include three consecutive exercises at 30 seconds each. When one circuit is complete, I allow myself a 60-second recoveryactivity. Then I goback at it again. Each week Imix it up with different exercises to avoid getting bored and to keep my workoutexciting.

Go-to healthy meal:

Baked,skinless chicken breast marinated in Sriracha sauce with a little soy sauce, black pepper and Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle for seasoning paired with rice seasoned with Sriracha sauce and mixed vegetables.

Inspiration for living well:

My father is myinspiration for healthy living. When I was growing up,each yearmy fatherwould buy me a different piece of equipment or weights formy workout space inthe basement.Hewas encouraging and told me there is always going to be someone bigger and stronger than you. Youjust have to make sure you'rebeing the best youcan be. That's all that matters.This is also the reason I decided to train through Pro Results at LA Fitness, I like to share this motivation and mentality with others as well. I find it really inspires my clients.

Tools of the trade:

My favorite piece of equipment at LA Fitness is the TRX band, which is a resistant cord that can be used a variety of ways using your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. These allow me to run my clients through full body exercises with just one piece of equipment.

Favorite workout:

If youknow me,you'llknow my favorite workout is anything to do with my arms. My friends use tocall me "Biceps" back in the day. So when it'smyarmsday,I always have a little more pep in my step.

Pump-up songs:

Kid Cudi"Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)" or Bobby Shmurda "Hot Boy"