2015 CCAD Senior Fashion Show Designers Announced

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

After months of sketching, sewing and hemming, the senior fashion design students at theColumbus College of Art & Design finally know whose work will walk the runway at the annual Senior Fashion Show.

A group of 21 designers will show a total of 72 looks on May 8 at CCAD.

They are:

  • Cassidy Overmyer
  • Melissa McFadden
  • Cleopatra Slough
  • Sarah Ribble
  • Shannon Lindsey
  • Allison Quirk
  • Ian Greenblott
  • Haley Behnfeldt
  • Lauren Colbert
  • Emma Graves
  • Abigail Staley
  • Pavani Kolli
  • Caroll Kern
  • Linh Tran
  • May Sleiman
  • Yilei Fu
  • Gianfranco DiPietro
  • Huyen Pham
  • Melanie Eiten
  • Maya Eigel
  • Derek Fergusson

A jury of seven, including industry professionals from Abercombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Wardrobe Therapy and more had a chance to examine the students' work on Feb. 27 at a special jury selection show before deliberating and making their choices.

Connie Leal Ballenger, one of the judges and the owner of Upper Arlington boutique Leal, says this year's group has created innovative, well made collections.

"They're presenting a very finished, sophisticated, pulled-together little collection," Leal Ballenger says. "The level goes up every year, and I think this year it was at an all-time high."

She noted that many of the designers seemed to find a personal connection to their work, including Maya Eigel, who created looks using kimono fabric from a family's factory in Japan. (Read more about Eigel in our March/April 2015 issue.)

Leal Ballenger especially loved Linh Tran's designs for their architectural silhouettes and vibrancy.

"She used great color," she says. "Just interesting and different shapes. It looked really original."

-Taylor Starek, @taylorstarek