Theater: Reimagining CATCO's Fantasy Poker Game

Kristen Schmidt

CATCO's production of"The Final Table," which runs April 8 to 26 at the Riffe Center, places five U.S. presidents in a fantasy poker game in the afterlife. What happens when we do the same with Columbus celebrities of the past?


Folk artist, barber


Loves to talk about:The old days when folks would gather for haircuts and conversation in his Long Street barbershop

Beverage of choice:Lemonade

Favorite Vegas hotel:The Mandarin Oriental, next to the Centerpiece Gallery of contemporary art


Founder of Wendy's, philanthropist, ad pitchman, pop-culture icon


Loves to talk about:That time he suggested Col. Sanders serve chicken in a bucket

Beverage of choice:Redhead Roasters coffee

Favorite Vegas hotel:The Hitchin' Post, just a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip Wendy's


Aviation legend, pilot of the Spirit of Columbus


Loves to talk about:Landing a plane in Saudi Arabia in 1964

Beverage of choice:Aviation cocktail

Favorite Vegas hotel:Rodeway Inn Las Vegas Convention Center, in spitting distance of Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving


Architect, suffragette,leader in the National Women's Party


Loves to talk about:That time she locked colleague Wilbur T. Mills out of her office while she designed Oxley Hall for Ohio State's campus

Beverage of choice:The Alice Paul, by New York mixologist Erin Williams

Favorite Vegas hotel:The Element, a LEED-certified hotel where Barack Obama stayed in January 2012


U.S. senator, presidential candidate, Ohio governor, secretary of the treasury under Abraham Lincoln, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Nickname:The Big Fish

Loves to talk about:That time the government put his face on the $10,000 bill

Beverage of choice:A stiff cup of tea

Favorite Vegas hotel:The Encore


Columbus Citizen-Journalreporter,New York Timeseditor and columnist,Columbus School for Girls graduate

Nickname:First Class

Loves to talk about:The night Leonard Bernstein threw a cocktail party for the Black Panthers

Beverage of choice:Champagne

Favorite Vegas hotel:The Cosmopolitan