Beauty Review: James Robert John Nail Polish

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I fell in love with the local nail polish brand James Robert John (also known as JRJ) in 2013 when I first met owner and creator Rachel Worley. It still remains my top choice when picking a color for my nails (something I need to do more often…if only my manicure skills were better!), because it's long-lasting and the hues are gorgeous. Now, James Robert John is debuting new packaging and larger bottles. The bottles will retail for $14 and are 15 milliliters as opposed to 12 milliliters. "It's a functional bottle," Worley says. "I think people will really love it." Excited to try the new shades, I started off with Regal, a deep purple. The polish goes on smooth, dries quickly and has a great glossy finish. And I can't help but sing the praises of the Quick Dry Top Coat, which is a must-have. It definitely extends the life of my manicure and keeps things looking fresh. The new boxes are awesome too-making JRJ polish a no-brainer if you need a gift for your girlfriends or your mom (Mother's Day is next month…). James Robert John gets two manicured thumbs up from me. Find the polish and locations where you can purchase at

-Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley