Robert Mason Plans New Columbus Store for 2015-and Much More

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Columbus Monthly

On April 15, 2014, Robert Grimmett, founder and owner of boutique office supplierRobert Mason Co., learned his pop-up shop on Gay Street had been destroyed by a fire.

One year, one crowdfunding campaign and a lot of hard work later, Grimmett is announcing plans for a brand new Columbus store-a grander, all-encompassing space that will open before the end of the year.

"It's super exciting," Grimmett says. "I want it to happen, like, today."

He hasn't determined an official location yet, but he's narrowed his search to the Short North and Downtown areas and has high hopes that it will open in the fall.

At 2,000 square feet of retail space, it will be ten times the size of his Gay Street pop-up and will house more than 200 brands across its pen bar, stationery space, accessories and leather goods area. A design lab, offices and the full ecommerce and distribution part of the business will be attached to the shop, too.

"We've planned a really great store," Grimmett says. "We won't have any other centers like that."

He's also brought on Brett Kaufman and Jeff Wilkins as investors and board members for Robert Mason, with plans to expand the brand's ecommerce side, reach more countries and bulk up its product lines.

Grimmett says the new space will reflect some of those changes when it opens, including the expansion of his offerings for women and a new all natural body care line.

Expect to see products from Herschel Supply Co., Filson, Billykirk and more, as well as locals like Vice Barber and White Truffle Co.

"There's a mix that's happening that wasn't happening before in the pop-up," he says. "It's bringing in some of that bohemian chic that's female-centric, but it's our vintage persona, too."

That persona is sure to carry over into the interior, which Grimmett says will remain filled with custom woodwork, light fixtures and an old mercantile feel-the crux of the Robert Mason brand.

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-Taylor Starek, @taylorstarek

Photo courtesy Robert Mason Co.