Q&A with Chris Jamison of 'The Voice

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Why did you choose John Mayer's "Gravity" for your "The Voice" blind audition? My freshman year at college, I joined the rock ensemble at Capital University, and "Gravity" was the first song I sang. For the blind audition, I thought it'd be perfect because, No. 1, I knew it. And I knew in that moment, I'd be nervous and scared-the last thing I wanted to think about was the lyrics. I knew I could create this version of "Gravity" that, in 90 seconds, I could show off exactly what I could do with my voice.

What was the best piece of advice Adam Levine gave you? I don't know exactly how he worded it, but it was to never strive for perfection. A lot of times you go on the "Voice" stage, and you only have that one song to get you to the next round. During a commercial break, two times, he came up on stage and said: "Just sing the song. Don't worry about anything else; don't worry about what's on the line here. Just keep it simple."

What surprised you about the reality TV experience? Like anyone else, I'd only seen Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell [Williams] and Blake [Shelton] on television and in magazines. When I did the blind audition and those chairs turned and they were right there in front of me, they looked fake. Gwen is just a normal mom. She drives a minivan to the set. Pharrell is very easy to talk to. They're normal people who just got a lucky break, and they work really hard to get where they are. Anytime I need advice, [Adam] always picks up the phone.

Since the show ended, you and your band have been staying busy. The guys I play with, we played all through college, so I knew I [still] wanted these guys backing me up on stage. There's a different vibe than if I were up there with five guys I'd hired and had no relationship with.