Single in the City 2015: Laura Lee

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Age: 34

Profession: Owner and chef, Ajumama food truck

Biggest accomplishment: Going into the third year of the truck and still being around and still being relevant

Dream job: Ice cream taster for Jeni's. I love ice cream.

Your perfect mate, in five words or less: Loyal, smart, adventurous, funny

Deal breaker: Picky eaters

No. 1 dating rule? Be on time.

When I'm not working, I'm … either sleeping or at the gym. Punching a heavy bag (she does muay thai) has become therapy for me.

Most people don't know … I really enjoy watching woodworking videos on YouTube. When I can't sleep and am trying to get my brain to shut off, they put me to sleep. I do find wood turning really fascinating.

Dream superpower: Flight

Your bad habit? I don't take care of myself enough.

On your bucket list: A really good friend of mine came back from Vietnam and Cambodia. I'd like to go there at some point.

Dream vacation? The beach, somewhere where they will bring me things in coconuts with fancy umbrellas.

Dogs or cats? Cats. Actually I love them all, but my lifestyle is a little more cat friendly.

I own too many … balls of yarn. I've knitted for 10 years. It was either that or start smoking.

If I won the lottery … I'd pay myself and open a restaurant.

My guilty pleasure is … Korean instant ramen.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could bring one …?Book? I have this bad problem where I love series, like "The Song of the Lioness." It's a Medieval fantasy about a girl who wants to become a knight. Food?Ice cream Movie?"Princess Bride" Album? Baja Sessions by Chris Isaak App? Telegram