Single in the City 2015: Robert Grimmett

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Age: 34

Profession: Founder and CEO, Robert Mason Co.

Biggest accomplishment: [Running] my first marathon, the 2004 Chicago Marathon. This is where my addiction started.

Dream job: I'm definitely in it. Robert Mason sells stylish, high-end office supplies and gear. I'm very lucky to love what I do. It began in my parents' basement when I was a fearless 12 year old, and I'm still as passionate about it now.

When I'm not working, I'm … socializing or sleeping.

Your perfect mate, in five words or less: Trustworthy, ambitious, kind, fun, adventurous

Your bad habit? I don't finish something before I start something else.

Most people don't know … I don't have secrets. I guess I have a lack of a filter.

Dream superpower: Is stopping time a superpower?

On your bucket list: [Completing] a triathlon and Pelotonia

Dream vacation? Italy

Dogs or cats? Cats

Most romantic thing you've ever done? There was a night that I was on a date that had multiple stops, and I had picked wine for each one, kind of like a wine crawl.

If I won the lottery … I would put some of it into my business, but also help other small businesses, because capital is such a horrible, hard thing.

On the weekend, you'll find me … I like to bike and anything outdoors.

I own too many … pens, ironically.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could bring one Book?A mystery, likely a John Grisham novel Food?M&Ms Movie?"Pretty Woman" Album? To Venus and Back by Tori Amos App? Words with Friends