Guinness World Records Set in Columbus

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

The tallest man may be from Turkey and the shortest woman from India, but Columbus and other Ohio locales boast several Guinness World Record holders. In the spirit of the April 18 screening of Sam Green's documentary "The Measure of All Things," here are a few of our favorites.

Aaron Hibbs of Columbus gyrated his way into history with nearly 75 hours of unceasing hula-hooping in October 2009.

A meatball weighing more than 1,100 pounds was the handiwork of the Columbus Italian Club in October 2011, making it the largest on the planet.

Beth Johnson, who hails from La Rue, Ohio, is credited with creating the largest yo-yo: 11-foot-9-inch diameter and 4,520 pounds.

According to Guinness, never before have more drag queens been together on stage than the 55 at Axis on July 26, 2014-though a story in Philadelphia Magazine suggests the record may have been broken at Philadelphia's Trocadero Theatre.

Nationwide Arena was the setting for "And Justice For All" author Orrin Woodward's herculean book signing: more than 6,700 copies signed on June 21, 2014, the most ever on one occasion. Guinness doesn't say how many pens he ran through.