This is the Show for Harry Potter Fans

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

What began as a publicity stunt outside of a London Borders bookstore for the midnight release of the sixth Harry Potter book is now, for Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, a loving homage of all seven J.K. Rowling books synopsized in 70 minutes: "Potted Potter – The Unauthorized Harry Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff." The duo (Turner playing Harry Potter, and Clarkson covering the other 368 characters, including fire-breathing dragons, child wizards and a three-headed dog) claims they perform the only theater show during which the audience can play a round of Quidditch. Clarkson's current favorite character is a misunderstood Voldemort: "A lot of this could have been avoided if someone had given him a hug," he says. All but one seat will be available for Columbus Potter fans April 21 to 26 at the Capitol Theatre. That remaining spot is reserved for Rowling, who was once turned away from a sold-out show. "Wherever we are," Clarkson says, "we keep one seat open."