My Morning Routine: Yogi Jill Nielsen-Farrell

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

11 p.m. the night before: I always repeat a mantra in my mind as I fall asleep. It's like counting sheep but with a deep, spiritual vibe and sets the stage for waking up with the mantra in my mind as well. I have done this every night for several years now, and it has made a big difference, especially because I'm not a morning person!

6 to 7 a.m.: I usually wake up to iPhone harp sounds and immediately feed my French bulldog and Boston terrier. I make a cup of coffee (with half and half, of course) and drink a glass of apple juice.

7 to 8 a.m.: Depending on my mood, I'll usually stream NPR or, two of my favorite online radio stations in the morning. My boys are old enough now that they get themselves up and going, so I can drink my coffee as they are getting ready. Heavenly milestone as a mom!

8 to 9 a.m.: I take a shower and typically do a quick 10-minute morning Kundalini meditation or kriya as taught by Yogi Bhajan before I leave the house. Depending on the day of the week, I'm either off to an acupuncture shift at Point to Point Community Acupuncture, teaching a Kundalini class or workshop or getting my boys to school. Now that spring is in full swing, I will definitely be gardening on the mornings I have off from work. Digging in the dirt and making things pretty is one of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice!

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