The Shape Issue: How to Exercise Like a Morning Person

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

You know those fabulously annoying, perky "I ran 3 miles this morning and watered my garden and it's only 9 a.m." people? You can be one of them! Only less annoying because you're awesome. Here are some tips from local morning exercisers.

  • "Eat a lighter dinner before 6 p.m. Eating later in the evening can hinder sleep." -Bryan McMahan, 2014 Ironman Louisville Finisher
  • "Set two alarms-one next to your bed and one you actually have to get out of bed to stop. Once your feet hit the floor and your workout clothes are already laid out, you minimize your chances of saying the heck with it and going back to bed." -McMahan
  • "Start your new early-morning routine on the weekend, rather than Monday. You can always take a nap later." -Kathy Parker-Jones, certified fitness coach and owner of Balance Triathlon Training
  • "Drink your coffee or a vitamin-packed energy booster before you leave-the caffeine will have worked its magic by the time you arrive (at the gym)." -Sarah Bruce, owner and trainer at Steadfast Healthy Living and Ohio Roller Girls athlete
  • "Try waking up early enough to work out for an entire week before you add in the workouts." -Parker-Jones
  • "Get on a bedtime and wake-up time schedule and stick to it. And don't forget to give yourself a little fuel. Train with friends or a group you like-it makes getting up so early enjoyable!" -McMahan