The Shape Issue: Meet Josie Schweitzer of Thank Yoga

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Josie Schweitzer of Thank Yoga

The professional: Josie Schweitzer, owner, Thank Yoga

"My sister introduced me to yoga years ago, back in high school. I was intrigued by it but, at the time, there weren't a lot of studios around. I would take classes here and there, but it never spoke to me. Then, one of my friends-who was working at Lululemon back when it was just a little pop-up shop-took me to a class at V Power Yoga. Power yoga spoke to me. I decided to go to Costa Rica for a power-yoga training, just to learn more. And there, during my training, I realized it's what I wanted to do. I had to teach it. I came back home and started teaching at five places while I still styled hair full-time. Then, in early 2012, I opened up my own studio. For me, the meaning of yoga constantly evolves. But, basically, it's about adding union to your life. It's become so much more than just practice on my mat. It's about being fully present wherever you are-on your mat, at work, with friends. This is just this tool that I can use to teach people to be present. It's amazing how yoga can transform the way you think and, in turn, you're living a healthier and happier life. I used to think yoga was for everybody. Over the years, though, I realized it isn't. Instead, I tell people to find their yoga-it could be a group class, it could be playing soccer. It's more about that state of mind than what you're physically doing. I've just come to realize this won't speak to everyone the way it spoke to me. It's not always easy to do, but find something that's interesting to you and keeps you engaged. And set goals. Don't just give up-give yourself a chance to like something new." -As told to Jenny Rogers