The Shape Issue: The No-Workout Exercise Routine

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Columbus Monthly
Vertical Adventures

We all know that person who doesn't really exercise-at least in the traditional sense-yet looks great. They're part of the always-on-the-go set, individuals whose hobbies include tons of adventurous activities (but never "working out"). Here, we've compiled tips for newbies who want in on the action.

EXPECT: An incredibly aerobic (albeit preppy) workout that's great for increasing ?leg and back strength

TRY IT: The Greater Columbus Rowing Association offers learn-to-row clinics starting in June (registration begins this month). Experienced rowers and coxswains provide participants, who meet twice a week for a month, with a comprehensive overview of technique, water safety and boat-handling.

EXPECT: A tough upper-body workout that involves a balanced mix of bravery and balance

TRY IT: At Vertical Adventures, you can learn to climb in a safe, indoor environment. The 90-minute Rope 101 class gives new climbers the foundation skills-belaying, rope-handling, knot-tying-necessary before trekking up the wall. Once you've tackled the basics, try a movement class (where you'll learn footwork and basic route sequences).

EXPECT: A total-body, high-intensity workout

TRY IT: Cyclocross-30- to 60-minute off-road bicycle racing notable for obstacles and barriers that constitute hopping off the bike for a bit-is intense. Cycling group Cap City Collective offers weekly practices during the warmer months (newbies welcome), while Cap City Cyclocross has all the details on 2015 races.

EXPECT: A less-extreme alternative to the typical 90-minute soccer game-but just as much fun

TRY IT: Since opening Central Ohio's first FootGolf course a year ago, Table Rock Golf Club in Centerburg has become a new soccer hotspot. The game, a mix of soccer and golf, involves a standard soccer ball and 18 21-inch cups. Bonus: At about $10, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a round of golf.