The Shape Issue: We Tried Buckeye Bounce Club

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Walking into Buckeye Bounce Club in Powell feels like heading into a kids' birthday party. Signs advertise a private room available by the hour. Fearless 6-year-olds run and pinball off in-ground trampolines. Newcomers receive a pair of trampoline-friendly rental shoes. Sensing my hesitation, bubbly owner and instructor Trisha Rich bounded over to welcome me to Fit Jump, the boot-camp-style class offered almost daily. Next, she gave first-timer advice: Get here early so you have time to get comfortable on the trampolines, and don't forget to pee first (seriously).

The setup is like a padded room with panels of trampolines covering the floor and sidewalls (you'll use the latter to get a killer upper-body workout by throwing a medicine ball against it). After the roughly 5-minute warmup that involved a series of mid-air, cheerleader-style poses to pop hits, I began to wonder how I'd last an hour of nothing but bouncing. That was my second misconception. The class isn't just about jumping-it's a mix of cardio and strength training, too. We spent the hour rotating between trampoline exercises (suicides, crunches and one-leg squats) and strength-training stations on the floor (mountain climbers, bear crawls and the like). Fit Jump is the kind of awkward that's mind-distracting and fun. I don't know if I'd join Buckeye Bounce, but I'll definitely be back to break from my normal, grounded routine.

Intensity: 3 out of 3

Intensity scale:

1 = Not too bad

2 = Worked up a great sweat

3 = Pushed me way out of my comfort zone