Wild Goose Creative Asks for Your Vote on Art

Tristan Eden
"By My Own Hand" by Shawn McBride

This month, arts organizationWild Goose Creative is launching its second annual "Instagram art exhibit," known as Wild Art Columbus. For each of the first 30 days in May, a different local artist will take over the Wild Goose Instagram account (@wildgoosecreative). After posting a self-portrait, each artist will post photos of five of their artworks. "The idea was to engage the public outside the Wild Goose space," says curator Heather Kyle, who participated in the project last year. "We want to make [art] accessible." For each artist's day, the image with the most "likes" and comments will be selected for an auction on May 31.

"It's a good community event for artists as much as it is for people who are seeing the work," Kyle says. "The artists [are] paid $100 just to participate." Kyle and guest curator and CCAD professor Tim Rietenbach selected this year's artists. Here, we highlight a

Shawn McBridegraduated from CCAD in 2012 with a BFA in painting. His work-drawings and multimedia paintings-is angular but playful, with a cartoon-like and sometimes digital quality to lines, forms and characters. He describes it as, "a sad clown hits a hole in one." McBride has shown his paintings at various Columbus galleries, including an exhibition at Roy G Biv Gallery in 2013.

Spencer Petersen's work is full of palpable energy and inspiration. Aesthetically, the work is harsh but inviting. And it's truly multimedia: Petersen seems to use almost anything to get ideas across-paintings, charcoal drawings, found objects, spray paint, sculpture and video. "I tend to focus on the idea of fun," he says.

Samantha Reharkmakes striking and colorful high-concept multimedia installation pieces and sculptures, as well as collages and graphic work. She describes her work as "not answering questions, not providing solutions, but focusing on the intuitive, primal nature that is in all of us." She graduated from CCAD in 2011 and has spent the last four years in artist residencies around the country.