2015 CCAD Fashion Show Preview: Lauren Colbert

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

What makes a shirt a shirt? Is it the two sleeves, the boxy silhouette, the collar? As an intern in Los Angeles, Colbert became fascinated with these questions, brought to her attention by the Memphis Group and the aesthetic of the 1980s. Memphis design, launched in Milan in 1981, attempted to rethink the structure of everyday objects-so Colbert did the same throughout her sketches. The finished product, a collection titled "When You're Strange," includes four looks. She paired together unlikely fabrics, like leather, organza and brocade, and added a few quirky accessories, including snap bracelets and chunky white sandals. "I kind of played around with asymmetrical and one-sided pant legs and messing with the way clothing is constructed," she says. "I took the concepts from Memphis and went to town."

Ideal customer: I guess I created a collection for my best friends and my girl crush, women that really inspire me and challenge me every day.

Biggest challenge: Transferring my ideas from paper to actual designs… I feel like I learned a lot about working with fabrics.

Dream job: Costume designer

Inside info: Colbert drew an image of Ettore Sottsass, the founder of Memphis, and had it printed on fabric. She used this fabric in two of her looks in the show.