2015 CCAD Fashion Show Preview: Emma Graves

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

The weightlessness of space, the gravity-defying sensation of the ocean-these are the inspirations behind Graves' swimwear. Her looks are made up of Lycra and neoprene materials, laser cut and sewn together into four wave-ready garments. Graves, who interned in Los Angeles, became enamored with the surf culture and the wanderlust nature of the women behind it. "I used a lot of organic shapes," she says. "My designs are a little more scandalous, but some of them are more conservative."

Accessories: I made ankle straps, and they have little zipper pockets on them so you can put a key in there.

Ideal customer: An adventurous girl in her early 20s or 30s. She has to be a little more daring.

Biggest challenge: Working with neoprene. I used a laser cutter to cut all of it. It's like wetsuit material. It's tougher to work with.

Inside info: Graves created one look to be both functional (for surfers) and unique by sewing the sleeves to the collar but keeping them detached from the body to prevent irritation under the arm while paddling out.