2015 CCAD Fashion Show Preview: Sarah Ribble

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

For years, Ribble thought she'd end up in the fine art world. She loves the softness of watercolor and the experience of painting. So, when design came into the picture, she searched for ways to fuse the two together. Enter her senior collection, titled "The Botanist," which is comprised of five Victorian-inspired lingerie designs. These looks include a Ribble original-she painted a watercolor print, manipulated it on her computer and sent it to New York to have it printed on fabric. "I want other women to feel sexy," she says of the end result. "I feel like having sexy lingerie is the base of that."

Ideal customer: One day, we were having a critique of the looks [in class], and someone said "uptown mistress." It's not something you would sleep in. It's definitely showy. A classy lady.

Dream job: Victoria's Secret designer

Personal style: I'm a Kate Spade girl all the way. Super feminine, colorful. Big skirts.

Inside info: Ribble sprinkled Swarovski crystals throughout her collection and accented one of her looks with a pink Swarovski necklace.