Chez Giancarlo Giammetti

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Giancarlo Giammetti

Age: 74

Occupation: Co-founder, with Valentino Garavani, of the Valentino fashion brand.

Location: Paris

His Favorite Room: The sitting room of the duplex he owns in an Art Deco building in the Seventh Arrondissement. Antique books and a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting fill the space, which Giammetti designed with the architect Peter Marino.

Q: What do you love about this room?

A: The view of the Grand Palais and the river. I really feel like I’m in Paris here. And the space is so well designed by Peter. There are a lot of walls where I can enjoy my collection of paintings. I have other homes. The Paris home is the one I really prefer.

Q: You look very debonair in your suit.

A: Well, good.

Q: Do you always wear a suit at home?

A: Depends what I do at home. I love navy blue on me because I feel relaxed, comfortable. I feel navy blue is always helping a man, and with the color of my hair, it looks good.

Q: This room feels rather formal. I’d be afraid to kick off my shoes.

A: It’sformal because I’m not very shabby myself. At the same time, I want comfort. In my homes it’s always the same ingredients: good art, books, gold. I love gold in my apartments, and brown. Those are the colors I try to put together. I want to have around me things I like.

Q: How do you decide which things?

A: I don’t buy anything if it doesn’t give me a bit of emotion or surprise. There has to be a feeling. It is the only way. Even with art. I never bought anything for investment.

Q: Is it important to you to have a beautiful, well-designed home?

A: Since I was very, very young, I remember Valentino and myself trying to have beautiful places. Maybe the taste was not the same. We learned from people who were better than us, our clients. It is the basis.

Q: If you’d never had success and wealth, could you be happy in a modest place back in your hometown, Rome?

A: That’s a very difficult question. I’m sure that if I was super-happy, maybe I’d be happy in a modest house. But cry here or cry in a modest house is still crying. Happiness is not just four walls.